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Dalia Matmon – Art Design


Personal details:

Dalia uses different and unique materials for her artwork, such as ceramics, wood, metal, wires, mesh, polystyrene, concrete and more.

In addition, Dalia teaches the art of mosaic to different groups. She runs workshops for children, teenagers and adults with special needs, as well as communal projects of Mosaic.From an early age Dalia used soft materials for her artwork, and slowly introduced new materials into her art. Today her work combines several materials to create unusual and surprising art.

Dalia gets the inspiration for her art from the desert environment. She starts by traveling in the desert to collect natural materials, and continues in her studio.Dalia’s extensive knowledge and experience with fusing different materials produce a rich and special art, bringing together traditional and new styles.Her work process and methods have been developed and based on her knowledge and experience as an occupational therapist.For your requestVisit the Gallery with many works to choose from.Special work orders.Group or private workshop with preferred materials.

Mosaic workshop for a community.Come and enjoy a different experience of color, shape, substance and art.


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